Business Continuity Planning

Plan for success before disaster strikes

Catastrophes can happen without warning and can cause significant damage to your business. As many as two of every five small businesses hit by a major disaster never reopen because they were unprepared, according to various reports.

How will your business survive? Where do you begin? Prepare today so an unexpected emergency won’t be the end of the line for your business.

American Red Cross of Greater Cleveland brings together knowledge, expertise and experience to help businesses, nonprofits and government agencies prepare for potential emergencies and deal with actual disasters.

Most often we think of disasters as a fire, hurricane or some other devastating event…but the truth is that proper preparation involves all sorts of scenarios that could become disasters…What if…
  • a snowstorm shuts the roads for two days?
  • your servers go down unexpectedly?
  • a key supplier suffers its own disaster?
  • a flu epidemic decimates your staff?
American Red Cross of Greater Cleveland helps you think of all the "what ifs," then guides you in developing the answers most beneficial for your business, including how your business will:

  • continue operating
  • retrieve essential data
  • meet customer demands
  • communicate with employees