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2016 Heroes

Cascades - 2016 Real Heroes

Water Rescue Hero: John Sewel

John Sewell, a retired Kelso police officer, was fishing on Silver Lake when he saw a man swimming to a nearby boat. The man was trying to get into the boat when it overturned. Sewell saw a young child wearing a life vest fall out of the capsized boat and immediately went to help. He pulled the unresponsive child out of the water and began CPR. The child’s father got into Sewell’s boat and took over CPR while Sewell took them back to shore where they continued to do CPR until rescue personnel arrived. Thanks to Sewell’s quick actions, the boy survived.

Sponsor: Pacific Lifestyle Homes

Cascades - 2016 Real Heroes

Professional Rescue Hero: Officer David Bone

While on patrol, Officer David Bone saw a woman flagging him down along the street. He pulled over to see what was wrong and she told him that her passenger was pregnant and in labor. Officer Bone followed her to a nearby parking lot where the woman was giving birth and proceeded to offer his assistance. With Officer Bone’s previous paramedic experience, he helped the woman give birth. He untangled the umbilical cord from around the neck of the infant, and kept the mother and child stable until paramedics arrived.

Sponsored by: Tesoro and Vancouver Energy

Cascades - 2016 Real Heroes

Fire Rescue Hero: Mark Hedgpeth

It was the middle of the night when Mark Hedgpeth looked at his security system and noticed flames coming out of the apartment complex next door. He ran outside and heard a woman calling from an upstairs window for someone to help her and her two small children. Hedgpeth ran over and told her to toss one of her children to safety. He caught the child safely and another man caught the second child. The mother and another adults jumped out of the burning home and Hedgpeth proceeded to help other apartment residents escape the fire.

Sponsored by: Paul Davis Restoration

Cascades - 2016 Real Heroes

Wilderness Rescue Heroes: Dr. Anson and Angela Service

While driving along the Gorge on their way to a hike, the Dr. Anson and Angela Services noticed a dirt bike on the side of the road. At first, they did not think anything of it, but when they finished their hike and began to head back, they saw the bike again. As Dr. Service got out of the car and peered over the edge, he saw a man in the ravine and asked if he was okay. The man said he was injured. Dr. Service told the man that he would go and find a place to call 911 and he would return soon. Emergency responders arrived, and Dr. Service took them to the area where they had found the man. The biker had been in an accident and had been thrown from his bike down into a ravine where he had suffered broken bones and other injuries. The injured man had been there since the previous day.

Sponsored by: American Red Cross

Cascades - 2016 Real Heroes

Workplace Rescue Hero: Tracee Godfrey

Tracee Godfrey, a teacher at Battle Ground High School, was finishing up her day when a student ran into her classroom and reported that another student had fallen off of a desk and was now unconscious and not breathing. Mrs. Godfrey immediately began to provide assistance to the student. She delivered rescue breaths until the paramedics arrived and helped the student regain consciousness.

Sponsored by: IQ Credit Union

Cascades - 2016 Real Heroes

Emergency Response Hero: Jacob Keesee

Jacob Keesee was walking home from school and noticed a car pulled over on the side of the road. As he walked by, he was flagged down by a woman, Tracy Fisher, who was having a difficulty breathing. Unbeknownst to Keesee, Fisher was in anaphylactic shock.

Fisher proceeded to ask to borrow Keesee’s cell phone to call 911 because hers was currently being repaired. Jacob hesitated because he knew he wasn’t supposed to loan his phone to strangers. Being on the autism spectrum, Jacob is most comfortable when he follows his routine religiously. However, he could sense that something was wrong so he called 911 and then let Tracy use his phone to give the 911 operator their location. Jacob also stayed with her until the paramedics arrived, going as far as standing in the middle of the road to wave his hands and successfully flag down the ambulance.

Sponsored by: Banner Bank

Cascades - 2016 Real Heroes

CPR Rescue Heroes: Scott Van House and Kelli Howes

While spending time on the Cowlitz River near Castle Rock, a driver pulled up and shouted to Scott Van House and Kelli Howes that a young boy had fallen into the river upstream. They both ran to the river’s edge and noticed a strange object in the water. Van House swam to the object and realized it was the young boy. After grabbing the child, Van House let the current carry him and the boy to a shallow area near the shore. Once to the shore, Scott and Keli began to perform CPR until paramedics arrived. At first the boy was unresponsive, but was later resuscitated.

Sponsored by: Waste Connections, Inc.