Host a Fundraiser

Raising funds for the Red Cross is a great way to build teamwork, bring special purpose to your neighborhood party or home gathering, and make a difference in the community. Review our list of fundraising ideas – or develop your own great ideas – and tailor them to your group’s needs and resources.

All groups interested in organizing a fundraiser should contact

Important note: In order to be recognized and supported as a valid Red Cross fundraising event or campaign, your group must complete and sign a Fundraising Agreement and may not participate in any door-to-door fundraising or solicitation to businesses. The Red Cross does not provide canisters or collection boxes for fundraising purposes.

    Fundraising Ideas:

  • “Dress-down” day at the office or school and have each dressed-down employee or student donate
  • Bake sale or a used book/movie sale
  • School coin drive
  • Run, walk, bike ride, rocking chair or skate-a-thon, softball tournament, or dance marathon
  • Garage sale
  • Host a battle of the bands and charge admission
  • Craft and/or art fair
  • All-school or all-company talent show
  • Mow lawns, wash windows, clean houses, or walk dogs to support the Red Cross
  • Organize a chili cook-off, charging for each entry and for samples
  • Auction off theme baskets or other goods/services
  • Set up a lemonade stand on a hot summer day