Youth Preparedness

Partners in Youth Preparedness

Few partnership options represent a more rewarding investment in the future than Youth Prepardness - where your Red Cross teaches the children of today to become the leaders of tomorrow. Through our Community Education Youth Programs, young people are motivated to give back to their communities by donating their time, skills, and energy to improving the lives of others and making their communities better places to live.

Corporate Partnership Opportunities Include:

  • Sponsor a Red Cross Club -- Launched in 2003, our Chapter offers the Red Cross Club service-learning program in 20 high schools and 8 colleges and universities in the five-county region. Participants complete trainings with Red Cross professional staff in the Red Cross’s Preparedness Education curriculum, drug prevention, HIV/AIDS and STI prevention, CPR/First Aid training, and International Humanitarian Law. These young leaders then share what they learn with peers, younger youth, family and community members through school presentations, “Red Cross Days,” peer-to-peer workshops and workshops for younger students, and school- and community-based service projects. Your company can sponsor a Red Cross Club and receive benefits such as sponsorship recognition on club materials and various employee engagement opportunities, such as mentoring Red Cross Club students.
  • Sponsor week of “Camp Save-A-Life” at the Red Cross House -- Camp Save-a-Life is a week-long emergency preparedness day camp for elementary and middle school students, designed and led by secondary school students participating in our Red Cross Club service-learning program with support from Red Cross professional staff. Camp Save-a-Life takes place four times each summer at Red Cross House—The Center for Disaster Recovery, a transitional housing facility for displaced families from our region who are recovering from fires and other disasters. Camp participants include many children who have recently had personal experience with disaster and who are typically at higher risk for additional incidents. Through Camp Save-a-Life, participants learn CPR, First Aid, and Disaster Preparedness, and participate in leadership development activities. Camp Save-a-Life builds confidence and helps children and families become better prepared to face disasters and emergencies.
  • Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC) -- A program of the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, the EITC Program provides significant tax credits to eligible companies that make a contribution to approved organizations like the American Red Cross Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter. (State funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis.)
  • Initially, your company will receive a tax credit for up to 75% of your contribution. With a two-year commitment, the credit increases up to 90% of the contributed amount, to a maximum of $200,000 per year.

    For complete program details, visit the state's website.

    For more information on ways to partner with Youth Services, please contact Erik Michael at (215) 299-4033 or via email.