Red Cross Youth Club FAQs

Does my school have a club?

Currently, there are Red Cross Youth Clubs at the schools listed below. For more information about how to connect to a Club at your school, contact Raymond Miller at (512) 929-1225. If you don’t see your school on this list, consider starting your own!

  • Bowie High School
  • Del Valle High School
  • Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA)
  • Stony Point High School
  • Texas State University
  • University of Texas
  • Westwood High School
  • I want to start a club! What do I need to do?

    Red Cross Youth Clubs have 3 basic objectives:

  • Servicing the public through projects and/or education
  • Educating your club members in what to do in a health or disaster related emergency
  • Fundraising to enable club projects and to fulfill Red Cross missions nationally & around the world
  • Just a few steps will get your school started:

    1) Let us know about your plans! Contact Raymond Miller at (512) 929-1225.

    2) All your club recruits should complete an online Volunteer Application.

    3) Find a club sponsor (teacher, coach, etc.) who is willing to attend your club meetings. Your sponsor should complete a Volunteer Application.

    4) Get permission & approval from your school to start a Red Cross Club by working with your Club Sponsor and school Principal. Register your Red Cross Club with your school, and let the Red Cross know if you need any help or information to get this done.

    5) Attend Orientation to learn about the history of the Red Cross and your potential role within the organization. Orientation is generally held the fourth Thursday of every month at 6 pm and the second Friday of every month at noon. Orientation takes about an hour, and you should plan additional time for paperwork and discussion. Find Orientation classes and register online here. If you have a large group starting the club, you can also arrange with us to come to your school and offer Orientation.

    For more information on starting a club, read the Campus Red Cross Club Student Leadership Guide.

    We're ready for our first meeting. What next?

    Let us know when your first meeting is - we want to come to say "Hi!" and answer any questions you may have about your club, service projects, and the Red Cross organization. Your club will need to elect officers and create the constitution & by-laws. We will provide you with all the position descriptions and templates you need to get started!

    What does the club Sponsor do?

    Successful clubs have involved Sponsors. While your club is definitely student-run, your sponsor(s) play a vital role in keeping you on the right track and maintaining your club's momentum. We know that teachers have full schedules, making it difficult to squeeze another activity onto their roster. Consider having Co-Sponsors so they can share the responsibility.

    Your sponsor(s) will...

  • Be the liaison between your club and school administrators
  • Help incorporate your club activities into the school curriculum (get on the school announcements, school calendar, etc.)
  • Ensure regularly scheduled club meetings
  • Advise and guide club leaders
  • Become an official Red Cross volunteer
  • What projects can we do?

    Is there a certain cause that is important to your club, like feeding the hungry or eradicating world disease? Set your goals for the year and fight for your cause with service projects that your club develops. The Red Cross will work with you to make sure you have the resources & materials you need and to give you any advice or helpful information.

    Past projects include fund raising for the Japanese Earthquake & Tsunami, educating people in emergency preparedness, installing smoke alarms in at-risk neighborhoods, holding a Mass CPR event to educate the public, preparing disaster vehicles for fieldwork and more. The Red Cross will work with you to make sure you have the resources and materials you need and to give you any advice or helpful information.

    We need help! Where do we get it?

    Contact us anytime to ask questions or talk about your ideas. Raymond Miller is the Volunteer Services Manager for the American Red Cross Central Texas Region, and he works with Youth Volunteers. He is always on hand to answer any of your questions. Reach him by calling (512) 929-1225.

    There are also resources available from the national American Red Cross Youth Office – check it out at

    What do I get out of being in a Red Cross Club?

    Part of being in a Red Cross Youth Club is taking as active part in your community and developing leadership skills by working with your school administration and community leaders to conduct service projects. It is powerful to know that you've accomplished great things that have helped your local community, or even helped people across the globe.

    Plus, club projects will count toward community service hours - what a great way of working with your friends while getting an experience that will look fantastic on your resume!

    How do we make sure our club is a success?

    Keep your members engaged! They are busy with school and other extra-curricular activities, so keep your Red Cross Club on their radar by having regularly scheduled meetings and making sure that they know to attend through flyers, school announcements, etc. Your Club Sponsor can be a big help with this.

    Keep the Red Cross in the loop. We want to attend your regular meetings as often as possible. Just tell us when they are and we'll put them on our calendar. We want to be involved in your progress and successes.

    Remember, starting a new club is a marathon, not a sprint. Develop your club with small projects first to get the hang of things and work your way on to more ambitious projects. You'll set the foundation for future years and future members.