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  • Red Cross programs & services

American Red Cross disaster volunteer teams work around the clock in our neighborhoods when disasters strike. Whether it's a house fire or tornado, the Red Cross is there to make sure your community begins recovering. From counseling to clean-up kits and from shelters to shoulders, our North Texas Region Disaster Action Teams embodies the heart of the Red Cross mission. They train year-round to stand beside our neighbors in order to alleviate the suffering caused by disasters.


Want to know what to do if you are faced with an emergency? The American Red Cross offers training courses throughout the North Texas Region in first aid, CPR, AED, water safety, babysitting and other areas for both individuals and organizations. Many courses offer online self-study classes, or you can register for a classroom course. We train to prevent emergencies and prepare you to handle one, if ever needed.


Families from across the world lose communication when separated due to war, natural disaster or vulnerabilities due to ill health or age, but there is hope. Reconnections made through the partnership between the American Red Cross North Texas Region and International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement restore communication and give hope to those displaced from their loved ones.


If you have a family member serving in the U.S. Armed Forces and you experience a crisis, the American Red Cross is here for you. Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, the Red Cross sends emergency communications to service members, in training or deployed, in order to keep them connected to their homes. American Red Cross North Texas Region is here to serve your family while your family serves our country.


Our mission succeeds because of our volunteers. They constitute about 95 percent of the American Red Cross workforce and because of their dedication, skills and training, we can respond at the critical moment, teach the lifesaving courses, deliver urgent military family messages, help reconnect family members separated by war and disaster around the world and communicate the Red Cross mission to our friends and neighbors in our community.