Programs & Services

How We Help: Programs and Services in Utah

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Your American Red Cross in Utah prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors, to help neighbors and communities in need—down the street, across the country, and around the world. It is a congressionally chartered organization but receives no line-item government funding. Instead, it relies on the generosity of people like you to carry out its mission. Thank you for your support.

Here are some of the ways the American Red Cross in Utah is working to help you:

Disaster Response - Firefighter

Disaster Response Services

Your American Red Cross in Utah is among the first to respond to local disasters, providing humanitarian aid such as food, clothing, shelter, emotional support and health services to those in need. We also deploy volunteers to disasters across the nation when needed.

Service to the Armed Forces

Services to the Armed Forces (SAF)

Your American Red Cross in Utah keeps military families connected to one another in times of crisis through emergency communications. We support families left behind, assist wounded warriors in military hospitals, and provide emergency support and travel assistance for military personnel in difficult times.

Health & Safety

Preparedness, Health and Safety

Your American Red Cross in Utah prepares individuals businesses, and schools to effectively prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies and disasters. From first aid and CPR to disaster preparedness education, your American Red Cross leads the way.

Be Prepared Family

Disaster Preparedness

When we aren’t responding to disasters, we are helping people get ready for them. During disasters, vital resources will likely be unavailable, so preparing ahead of time allows you to minimize the effects of disasters and speed up the recovery process.

Elderly family members reunited thanks to Red Cross holocaust tracing services

Restoring Family Links

Your American Red Cross in Utah is part of an international network that teaches International Humanitarian Law, reunites families through Restoring Family Links/Family Tracing, and assists in disasters and health emergencies.

Utah - Youth Services

Youth Services Program (Youth Volunteers)

Your American Red Cross in Utah provides leadership training for youth and opportunities for them to learn and grow within the Red Cross, and through proactive engagement in their communities.

Utah - Masters of Disaster

Masters of Disaster Educator Program

This FREE disaster education curriculum and toolkit for elementary age children empowers educators to teach their students about disasters and emergencies.

Blood Donations

Blood Services

At the American Red Cross we consider you our partner in providing a safe and adequate blood supply to the patients who need it. As our partner, we are concerned about your good health and making blood donation a positive experience. Your American Red Cross in Utah collects blood to supply hospitals statewide