About Us

From Winchester at the “top” of Virginia and the head of the Great Shenandoah Valley; to Bristol, the “birthplace of country music” and the beautiful majestic mountains of western and southwest Virginia; to the rolling hills of the central piedmont region and Mr. Jefferson’s beloved Charlottesville; to the sandy coastal plain of the Eastern Shore, the Chesapeake Bay and Norfolk, home of the world’s largest naval base; to Virginia’s historic capital city of Richmond and fertile, friendly Southside, the American Red Cross in the Virginia Region serves 118 independent cities and counties with a population of 5.8 million.

In the past year, American Red Cross in the Virginia Region has been able to make a difference in our local community through the generosity of our donors and support of our volunteers.

Together, we provided the following programs and services last year:

  • Responded to 1,437 local disasters including home fires
  • Provided 15,935 emergency services for 4,634 military members and their families
  • Provided 137 international communication services for 50 families
  • Mobilized 3,923 volunteers
  • Enrolled 70,801 individuals in preparedness health and safety courses
  • Provided 405,349 total services in our community

United Way

The American Red Cross values our partnering United Way agencies throughout the shared service area. Through their generosity and commitment to community, thousands of lives have been positively affected. It is through this strong relationship that victims of natural disaster are being cared for, soldiers away from home are connected to their family in times of need, and every day instruction on life saving techniques are being made. The United Way and American Red Cross are symbols known for commitment and quality in the care of community and this long standing tradition is appreciated.

Partnering United Way Agency:

United Way