Disaster Services

  • National Capital Red Cross ERV

When a disaster threatens or strikes, the Red Cross is there. This year our team responded to more than 500 local disasters, most of those were house fires. We helped more than 3,600 affected people, providing emergency food, shelter and supplies. We provided disaster education presentations to over 29,000 individuals in the community to prevent, prepare for and recover from disasters or other life-threatening emergencies.
Real Life Story
The American Red Cross in the National Capital Region responded to a disaster for an eight-person family living in a fire-ravaged dwelling in Virginia. The family spoke only Mandarin Chinese. Red Cross volunteers on the scene were able to reach a volunteer who spoke Mandarin. He provided translation to Red Cross volunteers on the scene and to the client. At the end of the night, the family kept saying “xie xie” to the Red Cross volunteers, “thank you” in Mandarin Chinese.