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Ready When the Time Comes: A Corporate Volunteer Program

  • National Capital Ready When the Time Comes

Ready When the Time Comes (RWTC) is an American Red Cross volunteer involvement program that utilizes the invaluable human resources of corporate America. The Red Cross trains employees from partnering corporations and organizations and mobilizes them as a community-based volunteer force when disaster strikes.

Volunteers who are trained and ready to help in times of disaster are always needed. The Red Cross offers the RWTC program to organizations to engage and train committed teams of employee volunteers who will be ready to respond immediately to a local disaster. This innovative program will save lives and help people in communities affected by disaster - - whenever they occur.

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How does RWTC work?

Corporations and organizations establish a partnership with the American Red Cross in the National Capital Region and allow their employees to receive free disaster relief training. Then, when disasters strike, these trained employees are available to respond to local emergencies as Red Cross disaster services volunteers. Trained employees are available for service at least one day per year for significant disasters that impact the local area such as large scale flooding and major power outages.

RWTC partners are called when a disaster occurs in the National Capital Region, and provide assistance at the Red Cross service sites.

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