Meet the 2014 King County Heroes

Our Heroes Breakfast honors that longstanding tradition of heroism by recognizing local individuals whose extraordinary acts make them a hero. Our heroes personify compassion, selflessness and kindness.

Bill Byers

Water Rescue Award: Bill Byers

(Sponsor: PEMCO Insurance)

Security Officer Bill Byers will be honored with the Water Rescue Award for quickly responding to save a man’s life when he had fallen into the icy waters at Elliott Bay Marina. By holding the man’s head above water while dialing 9-1-1, Bill was able to keep him alive.

Fran Greif

CPR Rescue Award: Frank Greif

(Sponsor: The Boeing Company)

72-year-old Frank Greif will be honored with the CPR Rescue Award for coming to a younger neighbor’s rescue when his heart stopped. Frank saw the emergency and immediately began administering life-saving CPR until paramedics arrived.

Patrick Carter

Fire Rescue Award: Patrick Carter

(Sponsor: Safeco Insurance)

Patrick Carter will be recognized with the Fire Rescue Award for saving a family of seven from their burning home. When she saw smoke coming from a house in the morning, she immediately ran over to get the people out

Officer Scott Rankin

Call to Action Award: Police Officer Scott Rankin

(Sponsor: Costco Wholesale)

Police Officer Scott Rankin will be honored with the Call to Action Award for coming to the aid of a student in cardiac arrest at Kent Meridian High School. His quick thinking to use an AED saved the 16-year-old boy.

Ilyssa Plumer

Disaster Preparedness Award: Ilyssa Plumer

(Sponsor: Puget Sound Energy)

Ilyssa Plumer will be recognized with the Disaster Preparedness Award for her dedication to preparing the community for disaster through her “Pedaling for Preparedness” campaign. Her passion for biking has led to a dynamic campaign that’s educating countless individuals about utilizing bicycles in their disaster plans.

Marty & Karen Corona

Good Samaritans Award: Marty and Karen Corona

(Sponsor: Symetra)

Marty and Karen Corona will be honored with the Good Samaritans Award for rescuing two elderly neighbors from their home. When the Coronas smelled gas coming from the neighbors’ home, they sprang into action to save the two men suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Ariella Angel and Darby Tyler

Spirit of Service Award: Ariella Angell and Darby Tyler

(Sponsor: Overlake Medical Center)

Red Cross volunteers Ariella Angell and Darby Tyler will be recognized with the Spirit of Service Award for their dedicated service and support of the Red Cross First Aid Station Team (FAST). In their combined 13 years of service, Team Leads Ariella and Darby have provided premier first aid and inspired other volunteers to action.

Mike Ryan

Medical Rescue Award: Mike Ryan

(Sponsor: Coinstar)

Mike Ryan, Chaplain for the Bellevue Police and Fire Departments, will be honored with the Medical Rescue Award for saving a man in cardiac arrest at a restaurant in Bellevue. When Mike saw the man collapse to the ground, he immediately jumped from his seat and began CPR that saved the man’s life.