First Aid Station Teams (FAST)

  • Seattle FAST Team

Are you organizing a community event or a large athletic event? Will you know what to do when someone becomes overheated, scrapes their knee, breaks an arm or goes into cardiac arrest? With an American Red Cross First Aid Station Team (FAST) on the scene, you won’t have to worry about basic medical care.

    Our volunteer teams provide:

  • Professional first aid, CPR and AED techniques
  • A wide-range of basic First Aid supplies
  • An AED for victims of sudden cardiac arrest
  • Oxygen administration
  • Blood pressure checks

Volunteers will also bring the Red Cross FAST vehicle to provide protection from the weather and portable supplies that will enable assistance directly at the scene of an incident.

Don’t risk the safety and well-being of others! Contact the Red Cross today.

You can learn more about what we can provide from our First Aid Station Team Fact Sheet.

All requests are subject to availability. Please submit a First Aid Station Team (FAST) Event Application.

To learn more about a Red Cross First Aid Station Team, please contact us at (206) 726-3566, (360) 377-3761 x13566, or email

American Red Cross First Aid stations do not replace EMT or paramedic services. Our volunteers do not perform advanced medical procedures or transport patients to hospitals.