Youth Preparedness

  • Seattle Youth Preparedness
The Red Cross youth and young adult classes empower the next generation to respond in the event of a natural disaster or emergency. These four programs align with the Red Cross mission to teach the community how to be better prepared. These programs are free to schools, Scouts and other youth groups.

  • Passport to Preparedness
    A 30-minute presentation that teaches youth how to respond and take action if a natural disaster occurs in your community. The class covers house fires, earthquakes, lightning storms, floods, snowstorms and how to build a disaster supply kit.
  • Basic First Aid for Youth
    A 30-minute presentation that teaches youth the importance of knowing basic First Aid. Instructors demonstrate how to bandage a bad cut, tie a sling, and administer back blows and stomach thrusts if someone is choking. They also reiterate the importance of calling 9-1-1 in an emergency.
  • The Pillowcase Project
    A collaboration with Disney to prepare youth to respond to natural disasters in our area. This 60-minute long presentation dives deeper into earthquakes, house fires, and creating a communication plan. At the end, students will decorate their own pillowcase which they can use to create a disaster supply kit.
  • Survivor Scenarios
    A 60-minute class targets sixth to eighth grade students and combines the information from the Passport to Preparedness program and the Basic First Aid for Youth program. Students will work in groups to brainstorm how to respond to various natural disasters, emergencies, and combinations of the two.
For more information or to schedule a disaster preparedness presentation, please email or contact your local Red Cross chapter.