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First Aid Service Teams Available

Trained Red Cross Personnel Makes Community Events Safer

The local American Red Cross provides a unique partnership to make community, and private-sector, events safer by having First Aid Service Team (FAST) on-site. The team provides trained Red Cross personnel to provide emergency first aid care to sick or injured people at large and small events. Often their quick action can save a fun-filled family activity from becoming heartache as teams provide an emergency link to more advanced medical care when needed.

First Aid Service Teams were present at more than 60 events last year. They ranged from community festivals, sports competitions, concerts and youth activities in conjunction with civic, church and youth organizations. In 2011, more than 5,000 victims were treated at venues ranging from the Frontier Airlines Center, US Cellular Arena, Special Olympics competitions, church festivals, Country USA, Quarry Quest, community parks to the public school system. Many events are multiple days and may require a number of stations such as the Miller Ride for the Arts where 10 first aid stations are set-up in various locations.

FAST teams include all types of volunteers including students, homemakers, teachers, business and medical professionals, engineers and retirees. High school youth volunteers are welcomed and mentored by experienced team members. 20-25 hours of training is required before working at a station.

The cost is $30 per hour for a two person team, which includes all the first aid equipment, supplies, etc. The non-profit rate is $25 per hour for a two person team.

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