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May 2016: Meghan Keller

Wisconsin Red Cross Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations, Meghan Keller the May 2016 Volunteer of the Month.

Meghan joined the Red Cross in May of 2013 after becoming interested in non-profit work and wanting to find some way to volunteer. The Red Cross mission seemed a wonderful fit to Meghan because of its important contributions to both local and distant communities in need, and the variety of ways to get involved

Meghan started as a volunteer in Disaster Services and served as an operator with Red Cross 24/7 dispatch. “I really enjoyed that position, knowing that I was assisting homeowners in a difficult situation by connecting them to the services of the Red Cross,” Meghan explained. When a new job prevented her from continuing with dispatch she applied to Volunteer Services and has been supporting the department ever since, often working beyond her scheduled hours to make sure all tasks are completed in a timely manner.

Meghan’s favorite part of being with the Volunteer Services team is hearing from a new volunteer about how much they enjoy their position. “I enjoy assisting people through the volunteer application process, speaking with prospective volunteers and helping them on their path to becoming a new volunteer. It is wonderful to see every day the connection between the needs of the community, Red Cross, and interested volunteers all come together to help people involved in disasters.” Meghan not only monitors the volunteer intake queue and reaches out to prospective volunteers, she also supports the department with various data clean-up projects like; updating background checks, roster clean ups and updating contact information. “Volunteer Services is a rapidly evolving and improving department within the Red Cross, and Meghan's behind the scenes leadership and willingness to support projects big and small is a huge asset to the department - particularly within the southeast chapter,” explains Alex Lombard Volunteer Services Specialist.

Meghan has become an extremely reliable, trusted and consistent member of the volunteer support team. Quickly mastering the technical aspects of volunteer connection and truly understanding why the work we are doing makes a difference to the organization. It is extremely evident that she also takes pride in her contribution although never seeking personal recognition for her work which may often go unnoticed by most. “Working with other members of Volunteer Services and being involved with some new features of Volunteer Connection has been a fun experience. Our team has continued to become more effective for both prospective and current volunteers and I consider this exciting as well as a great opportunity.” Meghan is also extremely supportive with organizing special events, recognition, and providing input to department staff on new policies and procedures from the volunteer perspective. Most recently, Meghan has been supporting the Volunteer Center of Expertise Pilot going on in our division, providing valuable feedback as she onboard volunteers in a new way across the state and perhaps someday the division.

Meghan encourages others to join the Red Cross mission saying, “I think that the Red Cross provides such a unique way to help others and get involved in the community, anyone who has thought about, or is looking for a way to help out, could not find a better organization. Seeing first hand all the volunteers throughout the state, I understand all the people needed to help the organization grow. I hope to continue to invite others to help in making the Red Cross a strong support for those in need for years to come.”

Thank you, Meghan for proudly representing the Red Cross in your community, we are so grateful for your continued support and wish you a lifetime of continued success!

Right now, the American Red Cross has many volunteer opportunities, including becoming a disaster responder, supporting military troops, volunteer services and many more. Red Cross volunteers are united by their service and the feeling that in changing others’ lives, their lives are also changed.

To learn more, visit www.redcross.org/volunteer or contact the office of Volunteer Resources at volunteerwisconsin@redcross.org.

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