Be Prepared for Home Fires


You and your family can prevent and prepare for a home fire with two simple steps:

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Step 1

Practice fire drills at home.

Use this Home Fire Escape Plan worksheet to plan your evacuation and practice it at least twice a year as a family.

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Step 2

Test your smoke alarms monthly.

Make sure you and your family are alerted as soon as a fire is detected. If the smoke alarm isn't working, change the batteries.

The Red Cross Responds to a Home Fire or Other Disaster Every 8 Minutes

That is why we launched the Home Fire Campaign, which aims to reduce the number of fire-related deaths and injuries by 25 percent by 2020. To date in Minnesota we have:

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Visited 20 cities and towns in our region

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Reached 1,084 people with preparedness information

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Conducted 409 in-home visits.

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Created 350 evacuation plans.

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Replaced 32 smoke alarm batteries.

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Installed more than 1,036 smoke alarms

family saved by smoke alarm from red cross

On a crisp and sunny Saturday morning, volunteers spread out across Plainview, Minnesota, to install more than 300 smoke alarms in family homes. Now, in mid-September, firefighters, community members and American Red Cross volunteers went in teams of three to five to install the new smoke alarms and to give home safety materials concerning home fire prevention and escape planning. As the volunteers gathered at the Plainview Fire Department, the Sievers family was there to thank them for the Red Cross help they received following a home fire disaster. A year ago Bobbie, Jake and their young son escaped from a fire that damaged the front of their house and up into the rafters. Red Cross volunteers responded, providing food and clothing for relief after the disaster. Finally, last December, they moved back home with much appreciation for the assistance they had received from local Red Cross volunteers. The Sievers family was a concrete reminder to the volunteers of the importance of what they were doing this day.

See more on our regional blog.

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Be Involved and Help Save lives

There are several ways you can be involved in the Red Cross Home Fire Campaign.

  • Volunteer: Canvass neighborhoods, install smoke alarms, and help residents make safety plans.
  • Partner: Engage your organization to help implement fire safety programs in your community.
  • Donate: Make a gift so that when disaster does strike, people can begin the road to recovery.
  • For more information, call our Minnesota Region smoke alarm installation hotline (612) 460-3674 or email Need a smoke alarm? Request your own smoke alarm here.

A gift of any size supports all of the urgent humanitarian needs of the American Red Cross. For more information visit