Be Prepared for Home Fires


You and your family can prevent and prepare for a home fire with two simple steps:

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Step 1

Practice fire drills at home.

Use this Home Fire Escape Plan worksheet to plan your evacuation and practice it at least twice a year as a family.

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Step 2

Test your smoke alarms monthly.

Make sure you and your family are alerted as soon as a fire is detected. If the smoke alarm isn't working, change the batteries.

The Red Cross Responds to a Home Fire or Other Disaster Every 8 Minutes

That is why we launched the Home Fire Campaign, which aims to reduce the number of fire-related deaths and injuries by 25 percent by 2020. To date in the Northwest Region we have:

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Reached thousands of youth with preparedness information

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Replaced 150 smoke alarm batteries.

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Installed 2,106 smoke alarms

Volunteer to Install Smoke Alarms and Help Save Lives!

The Northwest Region is hosting fire safety events throughout the year to help families prepare for and prevent home fires. We need volunteers to help install smoke alarms, complete fire safety checklists and create fire escape plans with local families.

To view upcoming opportunities to volunteer at smoke alarm installation or canvassing events, visit our regional page here.


On October 24, 18 Red Cross volunteers and firefighters dispersed in three Kent communities to install smoke alarms, replace batteries and raise home fire safety awareness. The work was important for the community, and rewarding for the teams. “It was fun to see how much everyone enjoyed the work,” said AmeriCorps member Kayla Ihrig. “Instead of leaving early at the end of the day, people were playing games with the kids that came out to see the fire trucks. It was a great show of community.” The teams installed 179 alarms, many in homes otherwise had none. “We were surprised to find in one residential establishment, every home was without a working alarm,” said Allison Dedonato, Regional Preparedness Manager. “It was a real eye-opener.”

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