Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

How do I send feedback or get support on the app?

If you have a comment, suggestion, need support or have a question that isn't covered by these FAQs, please email

What iOS devices are supported?

iPhone and iPad running software version 7.x and 8x.

How do I unlock the later levels?

If the user completes the Initiation episode through to the end of the Emergency Supply Kit episode the remaining levels will unlock.

How do I control the monster?

Tap the screen to start moving the character and tap again to stop, to move the character from left to right swipe the screen in the applicable direction, this will result in a change of direction if the character is moving. If you are having issues controlling the character in the Initiation episode try practicing stopping before the circle to assist in learning the controls.

How do I interact with an object?

When you walk close to an object that can be interacted with the monster will slow and the hand logo will appear at the top of the screen, tap to use the object.

What if I get stuck in an episode?

The app provides instructional assistance, to access this during game play tap the question mark at the top left of the screen. This will then outline the next objective.

Maya is a silhouette how do I find out what she looks like?

Complete all the episodes within the game to get the Maya reveal.

Is there a parent section within the app?

Parental content about the app and the American Red Cross is available by tapping the "i" button on the episode selection screen.

Can I turn the sound off?

Tap the settings icon on the episodes selection screen to toggle on and off the music and sounds from the app.