Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

How do I send feedback or get support on the app?

If you have a comment, suggestion, need support or have a question that isn't covered by these FAQs, please email

What iOS devices are supported?

iPhones running software version 5.0 and above.

Will this app work if I lose cell phone reception or wifi and will it work on airplane mode?

Yes this app will work for the most part without an internet connection. However, certain functions that require internet will not work, such as the "Vet hospital locator", "Pet Friendly Hotel Locator", "Knowing whats normal videos". Rest assured, all information on what to do in case of an emergency will work with or without internet as long as you have the app downloaded on your device.

How can I choose to learn about just dogs or cats?

When entering the "Learn" section you have the option of either looking at Dog or Cat first aid. The option is on top of the page, right above the banner. You can also swipe to the right or left. The page you are currently on will be underlined in red on top of the page under "Dog" or "Cat".

I know my pet's symptoms but I can't seem to find any information in the "Prepare" section?

You can identify possible problems by selecting symptoms in the "Early warning signs" page which is located in the "Emergency" section of the app. Make sure you are on the appropriate "Dog" or "Cat" page. The information provided is not all inclusive – there could be other causes for your pets' signs, so discuss any/all of your pets' signs with your veterinarian. If conditions seem to worsen please go to your veterinarian or a veterinarian hospital as soon as possible. For nearby animal hospitals please go to the "Emergency" section and click on vet hospital locator.

How does searching for a pet friendly hotel work?

In the "Prepare" section, tap on the "Hotel Locator Section". From here you want to look for a nearby hotel you can click on "Search current location". If you want to find a hotel in a specific location press the magnifying glass search icon on the top right and enter your zip code or city, state. Search results are provided by BringFido. If you have a both a Dog and Cat and plan to bring them to the hotel, call the hotel ahead of time and make sure that they allow both cats and dogs and if they have a pet limit.

How do I call my vet from the app?

You must configure your vet's phone number ahead of time. To do this go to the "Emergency" section and press the "Add vet's number" button. It will not work if you do not have cell phone reception.

How do I find a Veterinarian hospital?

To find a nearby Veterinarian hospital go to the "Emergency" section and go to the "Vet hospital locator". All veterinarian hospitals are American Animal Hospital Association accredited. Please call or check the facility's website for hours because not all of them will be open 24 hours a day. To search current location click "Search current location" and to search near a specific location click on the magnifying glass search option on the top bar to the right.

What if my Vet does not show up in the locator?

The listing is provided by the American Animal Hospital Association, only facilities that meet their accreditation will show up during the searches.

I have read through all the "Learn" information, is there anywhere I can test my knowledge?

Yes there are species specific quiz options available in the "Quizzes" section via the main menu bar; this will display a list of multiple choice questions. Test your knowledge and earn badges.

Where can I view the badges I have achieved?

In the "Quizzes" section you can view any achievements. They will be in color if completed. If you earn a badge in the "Dog" section, you will not win any badges in the "Cat" section and vice versa. They are independent sections.

How do I add a pet into the app?

Go to the "Pets" section of the app and click the button that says "Add a pet". There you will be asked to input information. You can take a photo or use an existing picture and add important pet record info.

How do I edit or delete a pet profile on the app?

Go to the "Pet" section of the app, then tap edit followed by delete.

Are the other Red Cross apps that are available?

Yes, the following free apps are available in Apple's App Store: First Aid, Hurricane, Tornado, Wildfire, Flood, Swim, Shelter, and Team Red Cross. There will also be more available in the future so keep checking in.

Is there a way to switch between the Red Cross Apps within the app?

Within the "More" menu option there is a "Collect them all!" banner, if these are installed on the device this acts as a shortcut to switch between the Red Cross apps.

Is there a mobile user group I can join?

Yes, if you go to the More section of the app and tap the Mobile User group option, you will able to help us test new features, develop new ideas and give your opinions about this and other mobile groups.