International Services Training

American Red Cross International Services works in dozens of countries with its partners in the global Red Cross network but we also work domestically offering classes, presentations and workshops.

International Humanitarian Law community education materials are available for chapters to present in their community and can be obtained by emailing Additionally, the Born on the Battlefield course is taught to American Red Cross staff and volunteers by authorized International Services instructors, who coordinate course offerings within the local chapter or region.

To enroll in the on-line Restoring Family Links module, click on “Advanced Search” and then on the “Courses” tab and enter INTRFL100 in the Course ID window. Then click on “Search Learning Catalog.”


Restoring Family Links
This is an on-line introductory module about RFL Casework. It is a prerequisite for the casework course open to current American Red Cross volunteers who work in the Restoring Family Links program.

The World of Red Cross and Red Crescent
This is an online course that provides detailed information about the global Red Cross network. It can be accessed through the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Learning Platform.

Other Presentations and Workshops
Your local chapter my offer more on topics related to International Services.