School Programs

FREE health and safety training for students!

Schools can choose the First Aid/CPR program that fit their needs:


First Aid for Students

CPR for Students

First Aid and CPR for Students

Digitally available programs for teachers

Additional programs offered to schools

How It Works

The Red Cross will train one or more adults at the school as "instructors" who will then deliver these programs to students, under an "authorized provider" agreement between the school and the Red Cross. The school will adopt Red Cross training exclusively for health & safety training needs. Note that the FREE school offer waives student learner fees, but does not apply for any adult or instructor-training fees.

To teach the Learn-to-Swim program, schools must have certified Red Cross Water Safety instructor(s) and an "authorized provider" agreement in place. An adequate number of Red Cross-trained lifeguards should be on duty and conducting patron surveillance during all in-water sessions. Facility and student learner fees are waived. Achievement cards and certificates for course completion for students can be printed from the Water Safety Instructor's CD-ROM obtained during the instructor training.

To get started, please call 1-800-RED CROSS and select the prompt for "Health and Safety Training".

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