Team First Aid Exercises

Step 1:

Opening Response Scenario

  • Instructor engages participants with an opening emergency scenario

Step 2:

Hands-on Skill Practice

  • Participants divide into 5 different teams and select a skill station
  • At that skill station, participants select a cue card featuring one of nine total available scenarios

Step 3:

Role Play & Assess

  • Assign roles; everyone has an opportunity to act as a responder
  • Role play the scenario
  • Instructor assesses performance; provides feedback and assistance
  • Move to next skill station

Team First Aid Exercises - an in-person; guided scenario-based team session designed to enhance a certified employee's ability to respond as a team.

The value of the Team First Aid Exercises is that it prepares individual responders to perform as a team. While training provides an individual with the skills to respond, the exercises provide an engaging, safe environment to enhance those skills and practice applying them as a team.

First Aid/CPR/AED Training is one component. Evaluation of your team's ability to respond is another component within a more complete, comprehensive safety program.

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