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A Story of Hope After Ashes

Fire Safety

After providing assistance to a home fire victim, a staff member contacted them as a follow up call. The elderly lady who answered was not her, but seemed to go outside to call her friend, the fire client, over. When the client greeted the staff member on the phone, our staff member knew that this follow-up would be different as her enthusiasm to talk to her was unique, but pleasant.

She immediately started to express how so many positive things had transpired since her fire, and “it all started with the Red Cross.” She spoke of comfort, and how much it meant to her to not be alone. “You were so fast!” she said. She was amazed that we had eyeglass vouchers right there, and though she could “stand to miss a few meals,” we were there to offer her assistance for groceries and she didn’t “starve”.

The list went on and on, and she said it herself: “I could write a book about how grateful I am and how having my house burn down was one of the best experiences I could ever have.” Losing her house also produced an opportunity for her to see in action what she has always hoped: there are good people out there who want to help people.  She made sure to mention that she has articulated her feelings to her friends and she is sure they are strong supporters to the Red Cross.

The staff member concluded by asking “Any further needs?” and the victim responded, “Oh no, just thank you so much for volunteering for the Red Cross. You all are wonderful!”