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American Red Cross Grand Canyon Chapter Encourages Precautions for Safe Halloween

Halloween Safety Tips

PHOENIX (Oct. 25, 2012) – Halloween is next week, and as children prepare for trick-or-treating, the American Red Cross Grand Canyon Chapter has some tips to give everyone a safe experience.

There are steps parents can take to keep their little ghosts and goblins out of harm’s way. Add reflective tape to costumes and pumpkins or bags used for collecting candy; utilize flame-resistant costumes; and apply face makeup instead of wearing masks that cover eyes and create difficulty in seeing. For people who expect to welcome trick-or-treaters, set a reminder to turn on outdoor lights; sweep leaves from sidewalks and steps; clear porches and front yards of obstacles that kids could trip over; restrain pets; and use glow sticks instead of candles in jack-o’-lanterns to avoid fire hazards.

To maximize safety for trick-or-treaters, plan routes ahead of time, and make sure adults know where their children are going. If children are young, parents or responsible adults should accompany them as they travel through neighborhoods. Trick-or-treaters should carry flashlights; visit only houses that have outdoor lights on; accept candy only at doors, never going inside houses; walk only on sidewalks, not in streets; look both ways before crossing streets; and cross streets only at corners. It’s also wise for trick-or-treaters to not cut across yards or wander through alleys and to not cross or hide between parked cars. And they should be cautious around unfamiliar animals, especially dogs.

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