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Annual Reports Outline How We Help

The American Red Cross has been assisting people in need for more than 130 years in communities across the country and around the world. The organization is there in times of disaster, for patients who need blood, for deployed service members who need to connect with their families, for people who want to learn lifesaving CPR and first aid skills; and for children around the world who need measles vaccinations.

Millions of people each year are touched by the American Red Cross. Read about our efforts to help people all over the world in 2011 in our Annual Report.

Other publications cover our 2011 disaster response in the United States, how we continue to help the people of Haiti two years after the devastating earthquake there, what we are doing to help the residents of Japan following the March, 2011 earthquake and tsunami, and the different services we provided to millions of people around the world.

DOMESTIC DISASTER RESPONSE In fiscal year 2011 (the period from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011), the American Red Cross responded to nearly 63,000 fires, nearly 2,000 floods, more than 520 tornadoes, nearly 330 explosions or other hazardous materials accidents and more than 160 major snow storms.

In January of last year, snowstorms closed roads, stranded travelers and knocked out power to large portions of the country. As the weeks and months went by, blizzards, wildfires, flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes took a toll on much of the country. The Red Cross helped provide relief, with food and shelter, clean-up supplies and emotional support.

Throughout the year, Red Cross disaster workers provided food and shelter to nearly 75,000 people. More than 20,000 disaster workers opened about 490 shelters and served more than four million meals and snacks. You can read about our domestic disaster response in the Disaster Services Program Review for Fiscal Year 2011.

INTERNATIONAL SERVICES – THE JAPAN EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI The powerful earthquake and tsunami which hit Japan in March of last year led to the largest international disaster response in 2011. Entire towns were destroyed and hundreds of thousands of lives changed forever.

The American Red Cross, through the generous contributions of people in the United States, assisted the Japanese Red Cross as they offered their fellow countrymen immediate assistance and helped those who survived the disaster get back on their feet. Today the American Red Cross, through the Japanese Red Cross, is helping to improve living conditions in the evacuation centers and temporary homes, supporting the building of a temporary hospital and the rebuilding of a nursing school dedicated to training specialists in disaster medical care.

In fiscal year 2011, the American Red Cross worked with our Red Cross partners around the world to assist 229 million vulnerable people in 76 different countries. We helped lead the initiative to vaccinate a billion children against measles and eradicate the disease, worked to reconnect more than 5,300 families separated by war and disaster and invested in disaster preparedness in 33 countries, making communities less vulnerable.

To learn more about what was accomplished on an international scale this past year as well as new and additional ways to remain involved in 2012, read the American Red Cross Global Impact Report.

HAITI EARTHQUAKE The American Red Cross recovery efforts in Haiti continued in 2011, where we built homes, provided access to clean water and sanitation systems, helped people receive needed health care and taught communities how to prevent the spread of disease and get prepared for future disaster response. While much work still needs to be done, our efforts helped millions as Haiti works to come back from the devastating earthquake which occurred in January of 2010. To date, the American Red Cross has received $486 million in donations to help the people of Haiti, and has spent and signed agreements to spend $330 million on recovery efforts there. The American Red Cross has released its Haiti Earthquake Response Two-Year Update, which outlines ongoing efforts to help the people of Haiti recover. For even more information and resources, visit

OMBUDSMAN’S OFFICE When people are looking for an off-the-record, neutral facilitator to assist them in working through a problem, they look to the office of the Ombudsman for the American Red Cross. They may believe a Red Cross policy is unfair, or be unclear about Red Cross policies, processes and procedures. In FY11, 750 constituents contacted the Ombudsman Office of the American Red Cross. The 2011 annual report of the office of the Corporate Ombudsman details how the office plays a significant role in supporting volunteers, employees and leaders as the perform the lifesaving work of the American Red Cross.