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Babes, Furman, Warren, and Buttrick to be honored at 10th Annual Heroes Breakfast


Hyannis, Mass, March 7, 2012 – The American Red Cross Cape Cod and Islands Chapter and Cape and Islands United Way will be honoring Patrol Supervisor John Warren and Officer Richard Buttrick of the Harwich Police Department as Law Enforcement Heroes, and Dumitru Babes and Allen Furman, both of Harwich, as Good Samaritans during the 10th Annual Heroes Breakfast. The event will be held at the Resort & Conference Center in Hyannis on March 30, 2012, from 7:00-9:00 am. Tickets for the Breakfast are available via, or by calling (508) 775-1540 ext. 21.

Officer Buttrick and Patrol Supervisor Warren were the first public safety personnel on scene of a water submersion incident on August 12, 2001, involving a mother and her young son. Officer Warren was the first to arrive and found the victims lying motionless at the edge of a pool. At this time bystanders Babes and Furman were providing First Aid and Basic Life Support (CPR) to both parties. Officer Warren updated dispatch regarding the nature of the incident, number of victims involved and their exact location. He then assisted Mr. Babes and Mr. Furman in offering Basic Life Support to the victims.

Officer Buttrick arrived with the first Fire Department unit and assisted them by gaining access to both patients, providing light to the scene and assisting with medical care. Both patients were unresponsive, however breathing on their own. They were both transported to Cape Cod Hospital and discharged three days later.

The successful resuscitation of water submersion victims is almost entirely influenced by the speed of the removal of their face from the water and quickly performing Basic Life Support (rescue breathing/chest compressions). Officials at both the Harwich Fire Department and Harwich Police Department believe the actions of these two officers, along with Mr. Babes and Mr. Furman, helped save the lives of both victims.

The public is invited to join the American Red Cross, Cape and Islands Chapter and the Cape & Islands United Way on March 30th to honor Patrol Supervisor John Warren, Officer Richard Buttrick, Mr. Dumitru Babes and Mr. Allen Furman, along with many other heroes from Cape Cod at the 10th Annual Heroes Breakfast. Tickets for the Breakfast are available via, or by calling (508) 775-1540 ext. 21.