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Be a Hero to Our Community and Support the Red Cross - Adams County

It is only because of our local ‘heroes’ big and small that we are able to be there for those who need us.

For the 95 years, your local American Red Cross has been a hero for thousands of people in our community, lending aid during times of disaster, seeing to the welfare of military families, collecting lifesaving blood for those in need and providing citizens with lifesaving CPR and first aid skills.

Now, members of our community can step forward to be Heroes for the American Red Cross, each pledging to raise money to keep the vital services of the Red Cross alive and well in Adams, Brown, Hancock, McDonough and Pike counties.

"Heroes for the American Red Cross" is a grassroots campaign in which local business people, school groups, church groups, civic clubs, and individuals pledge to raise at least $1,000, through any legal means they choose, for the local Red Cross chapter. Any and all amounts raised are very much appreciated and will be recognized as a “hero” contribution. The funds may be raised in a variety of ways, such as individual donation, employer sponsorship, civic clubs, schools, etc. Funds raised will be used to support Red Cross services such as disaster relief, assistance for fire victims, emergency military services, first aid, CPR and AED training, and disaster preparedness information for our community.

“I stand in awe at the big hearts of the people in our community,” said Pam Shaffer, Executive Director. “It is only because of our local ‘heroes’ big and small that we are able to be there for those who need us.”

The Red Cross will host a press conference and community kick-off event launch the annual heroes campaign.

When: Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Time: 9:00am

Place: American Red Cross (3000 North 23rd Street in Quincy, IL)