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Birmingham Church Lends a Hand to Haiti Relief Effort

The American Red Cross relief efforts in hurricane-torn Haiti received a generous helping hand from the Faith Chapel Christian Center (FCCC) in Birmingham, AL.

After Haiti was struck by the devastating earthquake in January, members of the church were moved to help. After researching disaster relief organizations helping in Haiti, Pastor Dr. Michael D. Moore and his congregation decided to conduct a fundraiser for the Red Cross. Six weeks later, the church donated more than $140,000 to Red Cross Haiti relief efforts.

FCCC pulled out all the stops to conduct their Haiti campaign. The church, which has more than 7,000 members, promoted its initial goal to donate $50,000 in six weeks by using YouTube videos, church announcements, and television appearances on three local news broadcasts. Two Haitian-American church members, Bobby Maxena and Franceline Louis XIV, talked about the needs of the people of Haiti in television interviews. They also provided personal stories about their own family members who survived the ordeal.

Enthusiastic church members gave $12,000 even before the campaign began. By the end, donors nearly tripled the original goal by donating $142,830 to Haiti relief efforts. This included youth members who raised more than $240 in change. The congregation presented the check to the American Red Cross earlier this month.

Pastor Mike found this to be a good opportunity to set an example for other faith-based communities who want to help. Members of the church and the local area were asking "what does the church do to support community and charitable efforts?" As a result of publicity for the Haiti Relief Effort, he reports that many members have told him they are "proud to be a part of a church that cares and gives." He has also heard from other ministers who thanked him and FCCC for being an example of what a church is supposed to be.

Without the support of generous donors like Pastor Mike’s congregation at FCCC, the Red Cross would not be able to fulfil its mission to provide relief for victims of disasters ranging from local house fires to major international natural disasters.