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Chapter stacks deck for fundraiser, HOM

The chapter is taking part in a new fundraising effort in which our volunteers, friends and patrons can participate.

“The Meal Stack is a program we are really excited about,” said Executive Director Dave Griffith. “It is something we believe will really benefit the chapter.”

The chapter partnered with to help raise money for our disaster services.

It’s different than a lot of other fundraisers the chapter has done in the past. Neither those taking part nor their kids have to distribute anything or collect any money.

All participants have to do is take part in the rewards program and share it online with their family and friends.

Here is how it works:

1. Every donation made on our page benefits us. Link to

2. You get great stuff, local stuff for donating.

There are several ways you can help

1. Visit our page at

2. Get the Meal Stack for yourself

3. Forward this information to everyone you can

4. Share our page on Facebook and Twitter

Right now, you can get the midmo Meal Stack for a $25 donation. It’s $10 off to more than 50 local restaurants such as Addison’s, D. Rowe’s Sophia’s, The Pasta Factory and more.

As if that is not enough, you get a FREE Mizzou T-shirt

To raise money for disaster relief, we need each person to pass the word about the program.