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Clara Barton Chapter #1 Office to Continuing Hosting Red Cross Services

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Since Clara Barton founded the first Chapter of the American Red Cross in Dansville, NY in 1881, the Red Cross has provided humanitarian services to the Livingston County community. After seeking direction from the Clara Barton Chapter #1 Advisory Board, the current building, located on Elizabeth Street in Dansville, will continue to serve as an office of the Greater Rochester Chapter, focusing on providing humanitarian services including disaster preparedness and response, services to military members, veterans and their families, blood collection, health and safety training and international services.

“We are proud that the rich history of the American Red Cross began when Clara Barton founded the first Chapter right here in Dansville in 1881,” said James Love, Executive Director of the Greater Rochester Chapter. “We are excited to continue to honor Clara Barton’s legacy of serving the community while celebrating the important role this region has played in this organization’s amazing history.”

Volunteers are currently in the process of staging all the Clara Barton and Red Cross artifacts on the first floor of Clara Barton Chapter #1. This display will allow visitors to tour the home and learn about the organization’s history while not interrupting current service delivery and outreach.

“We are very pleased and excited with this direction,” said Barry Haywood, Clara Barton Chapter #1 Advisory Board Chair. “With the focus on providing services to those in need, this decision shows confidence in the members of our Board of Directors and volunteers.  It likewise recognizes the support the Dansville area has given the Red Cross for many decades.  With a hands on approach and the opportunity to participate in the decision making process, we are confident our volunteer base will grow, as will the diversity of services provided, while still preserving the physical history of Clara Barton and the American Red Cross.”

Volunteers will open the Clara Barton Chapter #1 office between 9am-1pm Monday-Friday. Anyone in need of Red Cross assistance can call the Greater Rochester Chapter 24 hours a day at 585-241-4400. For more information on how you can support your community by becoming a Red Cross volunteer, visit

Clara Barton Chapter #1 Advisory Board

2016-2017 Roster

Board Chairman—Barry Haywood

Vice Chair--Dr. Nancy Hussey

Secretary--JuliAnn Severson

Marian Crawford

David Mapes

Ellen Mapes

Leo Marks

Donna Nagle

Lucus Nice

Dorothy Schiavi