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Coalition offers support to local nonprofits

“The work I do provides challenge and opportunity to constantly make a difference in our community, and the people with whom I work directly care so deeply about their own work, staff and clients they serve.” - Suzanne Shiff

Who helps the helpers? With so much work to be done to sustain all segments in a community and help them thrive, where do nonprofit agencies go for support?

Some, like the Audubon Society or the Red Cross, may be part of state or national organizations that offer tools and guidance. Others, such as the Napa Valley Vine Trail or Connolly Ranch, are unique to our valley and do their best to stand and grow on their own.

But none of the nonprofits here in the valley need truly be alone. The Napa Valley Coalition of Nonprofit Agencies serves to connect many of the valley’s helping organizations. Through the coalition, they are able to share ideas, resources, strategies and challenges.

The coalition believes that nonprofits are vital to the health and well-being of our county. Suzanne Shiff, the coalition’s executive director, is driven by her commitment to making connections and encouraging practices that maximize the work of member organizations.

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