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Dec. 2 is a National Day of Giving: The Red Cross Needs You

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Dec. 2… Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping is over. Now it’s time to give back to your community.

Today is #GivingTuesday, a national online movement encouraging people to give back in any way possible, either through volunteer work or charitable giving. If you’re new to the Red Cross, you can help the organization on this National Day of Giving in several ways: Join our volunteer movement, donate blood, or make a donation to help the Red Cross with its lifesaving work. 

Encourage others to donate through #donate technology

Through the Red Cross partnership with GoodWorld, the creators of #donate technology, you can easily make a donation to the Red Cross. How does your donation help? A $250 donation will provide 500 blankets to disaster victims who may have lost everything, and $2,500 will provide 500 people with a meal after disaster strikes. Any amount helps.

You can give to Red Cross LA from your Facebook or Twitter account. 

On Facebook, you can comment on any post on the Red Cross LA page “#donate” (dollar amount). For example: I #donate $25. The Red Cross will reply to your comment thanking you for your donation. If you have not previously registered, the “thank you” reply will also include a link for your one-time, 60-second registration. 

On Twitter, you can tweet “#donate (dollar amount) @RedCrossLA” (Example: “I #donate $25 @RedCrossLA”). You will be tweeted a “thank you” reply for your donation. If you have not previously registered, the tweet will also provide a link for your one-time, 60-second registration.

Show us how you give back: post a “#unselfie” 

Whether this is your first time giving, or you’re a longtime volunteer, blood donor or financial donor, the Red Cross L.A. Region wants to see how you support the Red Cross.

Please post a #unselfie today - a picture that tells the story of how you give back to your community. You can post your photo to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using hashtags #GivingTuesday and #unselfie.  To share publically on Facebook, click and post a comment on RedCrossLA’s Facebook Page. Post photos that show how you give back to your community or visit our Facebook page and use one of our pre-made #unselfie photos. 

Some examples of #unselfie shots might be of you:

  • volunteering at a Red Cross activity (disaster response, taking a CPR class, preparedness education, etc.)
  • donating blood at your local Red Cross chapter
  • donating funds online via the Red Cross website or Facebook or Twitter.
  • A RedCross #unselfie photo the represents your volunteer work

Share the story of how you work to make a difference! Thank you for helping us show the many faces of the Red Cross and its mission.