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Disaster Assistance Expands for Arkansans In Scott County Flood

Red Cross volunteer assesses flood damage
"Because reaction to disasters can affect individuals differently, family and friends are asked to be aware of different feelings they or their loved ones may have."

The American Red Cross in Arkansas continues emergency disaster assistance for food and clothing for Garland, Montgomery, Polk and Scott County storm victims at the following location:

  • 9 am - 5 pm, Boles Arkansas Southern Baptist Church, Highway 71 and Barker Road, Boles
  • 9 am - 4 pm, American Red Cross Greater of Greater Arkansas, 104 Blackstone Court, Hot Springs
  • The emergency shelter at the Boles Community Center, Highway 71 and Chris Freeman Circle in Boles will close at today at 6pm, Wednesday, June 05, 2013.

    Individuals in Garland, Montgomery, Polk and Scott Counties, as well as other areas of the state in need of disaster assistance from last week’s storms are asked to call 501-748-1021.

    “Red Cross mental health volunteers are also seeing residents in Scott County providing emotional support as they take in the sudden changes in their lives as a result of the flash floods,” stated Communications Officer Brigette Williams. “Because reaction to disasters can affect individuals differently family and friends are asked to be aware of different feelings they may have as well as their loved ones. Reactions can include:

  • Feeling physically and mentally drained-not from physical activity
  • Having difficulty making decisions or staying focused on topics
  • Becoming easily frustrated on a more frequent basis
  • Arguing more with family and friends
  • Feeling tired, sad, numb, lonely or worried
  • Experiencing changes in appetite or sleep patterns
  • Most of these reactions will go away over time as life returns close to routines before the flood and storms. If you find yourself in need of speaking to someone for emotional support in regards to the recent disaster, please call 501-748-1021.

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