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Families of Syrian Refugees Urged to Reach Out to Local Red Cross

Syrian kids assisted by the Red Cross/Red Crescent
"'s sometimes the first someone hears that their family member is alive..."

– The recent activities in Syria and the Middle East have forced people from their homes and sent them into a chaos that few can imagine. Armed conflict can often separate families just when those families need one another most. The American Red Cross helps families reconnect by reaching out to our worldwide network of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

A number of Southern Nevada families have utilized the International Red Cross network to find missing family members. From refugees driven from their home countries, to families of Holocaust victims, local Red Cross volunteers have touched lives in a most profound way.

“When I said that we received a message from her husband, she burst into tears,” said a Red Cross volunteer. After months of coordinated searching and calling, a connection was recently made between the woman and her husband who is unable to escape their home country.

“When family members hear a message from the Red Cross, it’s often the first time they learn that their family member is alive, let alone that they’ve been able to reach them.”

American Red Cross helps when:

  • Families have been separated internationally as a result of war, disaster, migration or other humanitarian emergency.
  • Families have tried normal channels of communication to the extent possible.
  • The family member making the inquiry is able to provide essential information on the sought person.
  • The family member making the inquiry is a relative, who had been in direct contact with the sought person before the crisis occurred.
  • The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is the world’s largest humanitarian network. The Movement is impartial, and provides protection and assistance to people affected by disasters and conflicts.

    The Movement is made up of almost 97 million volunteers, supporters and staff in 186 countries. It has 3 main components that are equal, but each helps the other carry out the Mission of alleviating human suffering:

    ICRC – the International Committee of the Red Cross

    The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

    National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

    The Southern Nevada Chapter of the American Red Cross is a member of the American Red Cross.

    The United Nations Refugee Agency suggests that there could be more than 2 million people who’ve fled Syria, and more are fleeing every single day.

    Families here in Southern Nevada who’ve lost touch with their family members in Syria are invited to contact the local Red Cross chapter to initiate a search. Through our global network with our sister organizations, our volunteers use their expertise to reconnect families.

    Reconnecting families: