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Free “Disaster Response Overview” class

LOCAL RED CROSS invites community to learn about volunteering. Ukiah – American Red Cross is offering a free class, “Disaster Services Overview,”

AT MONDAY’S MEETING of the Fort Bragg City Council, Mayor Dave Turner honored Ian Chaney for his bravery and actions on August 27th, 2011, when Chaney and the late Jere Melo came under fire from Aaron Bassler. Melo was shot to death, Chaney narrowly escaped. The proclamation reads as follows:

Whereas, on August 27, 2011 Fort Bragg City Councilmember Jere Melo, working as a security contractor for a local timber management company, headed out into the woods with local resident Ian Chaney to document the existence of an illicit trespass grow operation on private property on the outskirts of Fort Bragg; and

Whereas, after forging their way through dense brush, Jere and Ian entered a recently cleared area, looked up the hill and saw logs piled into a makeshift bunker

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