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Global Red Cross Network Responds to Ebola Outbreaks in West Africa

Red Cross Flag
The American Red Cross is supporting Ebola efforts through both financial and staffing support.

As the deadliest outbreak of Ebola in recorded history continues to devastate Western Africa, the American Red Cross is supporting efforts through both financial and staffing support.

While the Sierra Leone Red Cross is taking the lead in promoting awareness through social mobilization campaigns, the American Red Cross, along with the global Red Cross network, is helping amplify efforts and strengthen capacity. An American Red Cross specialist has been deployed to provide telecommunications support and internet to the health team in country, and follows another IT specialist that had been in Sierra Leone for the past month.

The American Red Cross has also assisted with remote mapping and information management in the region and has contributed $100,000 to strengthen the capacities of both the Liberia Red Cross and Guinea Red Cross. These funds will help manage the Ebola outbreak response and increase public awareness of the virus. Alongside our mapping team, digital volunteers in the US have been helping the American Red Cross populate previously incomplete maps of towns and villages in the region. These maps are printed out and consulted by health teams every day, as well as loaded onto relief workers' GPS devices.