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Grateful for shelter in Fall River

People in a Red Cross shelter
Since we got here they’ve been so nice to us and the kids.

Sharese Perry spent a day and-a-half without power before she got out of her Wareham home during last weekend’s blizzard.

She called the police and was first taken to a crowded center, where she spent many hours with her children. She made her way to the Red Cross shelter at Durfee High School in Fall River early Sunday morning.

“Since we got here they’ve been so nice to us and the kids,” she said. “They have us food as soon as we came in last night at 1 [a.m.], so many pizzas, juice, chips, blankets, beds.”

Perry was happy there was a television for the children, and that the Red Cross was organizing games for them.

She was grateful for the support.

“The Red Cross has been great - wonderful,” she said. “We’re so blessed to have you guys helping us.”