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Help People In Need During the Holidays

This year, disasters forced people from their homes and many lost everything they owned. Through it all, the American Red Cross was there, offering people a safe place to stay, food to eat and emotional support. Take time during the holiday season to remember those in need by giving a gift that means something – through the Red Cross Holiday Giving Catalog.

Purchases can be made in honor of those on someone’s gift list and come with greeting cards to let the person know they’ve been remembered with a gift to the Red Cross. Each gift item purchase is a tax-deductible donation that helps support the Red Cross mission to provide relief to those in need and help people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies.

In April, deadly tornadoes roared through North Carolina. Leobardo Olvera and his family lost their home and all their belongings, and took refuge in a Red Cross shelter in Wake Forest. “The tornado caught us completely by surprise,” he said. “I don’t know what my family and I would have done without the support of the Red Cross. We lost everything. Without the Red Cross we would have had nothing.”

When a deadly tornado devastated Joplin, Missouri in May, homes were destroyed, livelihoods lost, loved ones gone. Red Cross workers treated the injured and offered emotional support. “We don’t just have wounded bodies, we have wounded spirits,” said Red Cross nurse Christine Stockwell. “About every 15 minutes or so, we have someone who needs to talk, needs to cry. We give them continuity... each day they have three meals; each day they have snacks available; we’ve set up TVs, play areas for the children—just to give them a sense of normalcy, if that’s possible.”

One way people can support Red Cross services is to browse the Holiday Giving Catalog and choose from a variety of symbolic gifts that include providing food and shelter to a victim of disasters like those that rocked the country this year.

Free Red Cross vintage water bottles will go to anyone giving a minimum of $100. Those giving a minimum of $200 will receive a vintage messenger bag, and for a minimum of $300, people will receive a Red Cross family first aid kit.

Gifts purchased through the Red Cross 2011 Holiday Giving Catalog are tax-deductible contributions to the overall Red Cross mission. Items are symbolic of the work of the Red Cross, not a donation to a specific project or item.