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Helping Another is Doing God's Work

Meet Lucille James. She is a nurse, and she's also the Health Service Lead for the island of Oahu and Disaster Health Service Advisor for the state of Hawaii. James is a volunteer with the American Red Cross' Hawaii State Chapter.

James said she volunteers because "God does his works through us." She does volunteer work for numerous charities, but her Red Cross activity is one of her favorite endeavors because she wholeheartedly agrees and "believes in the mission of the American Red Cross." When James deploys to sites to help folks cope in the aftermath of a disaster, she confidently asserts, "I am doing [God's] work."

In the spirit of this year recognizing the professional nurse, as well as this month – May- honoring those of Asian-Pacific (Native Hawaiian) heritage, Lucille James and Esther Lau are perfect subjects for in-depth focus features. James, who sometimes works alongside Lau (another nurse that’s fully discussed about in a separate "Why I Help" feature story), consistently bring trained assistance and medical aid to disaster-struck victims. Jennifer Walter and Donna Dilloughery, both Red Cross staffers at the Hawaii State Chapter, remarked on the superlative service given by these two volunteers.

Disaster Services Response & Preparedness Manager Jennifer Walter stated that "Esther (Lau) and Lucille (James) both are extremely client focused." This past October, when both deployed to American Samoa after the earthquake and tsunami event, they tended to people who lost loved ones in the disaster. Day after day they saw an endless procession of devastated people, yet they exhibited caring and compassion to everyone they met with. Walter stressed that she "was so impressed by their composure and the specialized attention they gave each [person]."

"I will never forget the gratitude of the families who survived the American Samoa tsunami," said James. She recounted that the victims' simple words of thanks conveyed so much appreciation for her being there to assist. According to James, when she is functioning as a member on the Disaster Action Team (DAT), it doesn't matter whether she is helping someone replace lost medication or simply assisting someone obtain replacement glasses, the American Red Cross mission allows her to stay true to her personal philosophy to help another. She enthused, "If I am kind and offer words of hope to someone who has lost everything, [I know that] I am doing his (God's) work."