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Local Resident Louise Elam helped by Red Cross

I did not know you provide these services. I really want to thank you!

Louise woke up at about 1:30pm on a hot summer afternoon in her apartment in Oakland, Maryland, to find a pot on her kitchen stove fully engulfed in flames. In her seventies, and living by herself, Louise was terrified and confused. She went to her front door and yelled for help, and most fortunately for her “a woman named Mary” heard her, since she happened to be visiting Louise’s neighbor. Mary got Louise out of the apartment, alerted the other neighbors and called the fire department.

Louise’s apartment was ultimately, completely uninhabitable and all but a few items were destroyed. Louise is not sure who alerted the Red Cross, but they came to help her.

“The Red Cross gave me a card so I could get the things I needed right away, and they made a list of my medications and got them for me, too. I did not even have any shoes, and I am so thankful that the Red Cross made it possible for me to get the clothes, shoes, medications and the food I needed.”

Louise is also very thankful that some of her photos were saved so she can still visit with some of her life’s memories. But the picture etched in her mind is one she’ll never forget-- how very nice and helpful the Red Cross was in her time of need.

“I did not know you provide these services. I really want to thank you!”