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National Guard and High School Football Players Help Red Cross

National Guard and High School Football Players Help Red Cross
Normally, this task would be hired out but because of the power of volunteers, we can commit more resources to the victims of disaster.

On May 14, the Red Cross of Southeastern Ohio was visited by the Ohio Army National Guard. The Guard partnered with the NFL High School Player Development program to give approximately fifty high school football students an entire day of community service and leadership/team building. The students were all nominated by their coaches for their demonstration of leadership, academics, and community service.

The event began with a character building session led by a former NFL player, and then the groups did several hours of community service. The day ended with a class on leadership building and development. The students were drawn from all over Southern Ohio. Jane Patton, Executive Director, spoke with the students about the Red Cross and encouraged them to participate in volunteer projects and giving blood. She also thanked them for their hard work to make improvements to the Red Cross of Southeastern Ohio. The group of 50 students, supervised by approximately 10 members of the Ohio National Guard, painted the outside storage shed at the Red Cross. The Ohio National Guard obtained donated paint and supplies from local businesses.

Patton explained to the students that the work they did at the chapter was a job that would normally have to be hired out. By the students taking on this task, donor dollars could be used to help victims of disaster.