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New York Volunteer Donates Time To Help Mississippi

Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle providing relief after Superstorm Sandy.

American Red Cross Volunteers are being dispatched from all over the country to bring aid and expertise to disaster stricken Mississippi.

Bob Barton, of Rochester, New York, was quickly dispatched as a feeding supervisor due to his education and experience with the Red Cross. Once here, Bob shifted over to Health Services due to his EMT professional background. Like many volunteers, Bob has many skills that can be utilized in several different areas within the Red Cross.

He is expecting to be here for two weeks helping residents with basic health needs. Recently, while working at a shelter in Pearl, MS, Bob helped resident Larry Strebeck by taking his blood pressure and giving him advice with his medications.

A local Jackson TV news station was able to catch the moment on camera and interview Bob about his work with the Red Cross. “Coming on Disaster Relief Operations is a wonderful opportunity because we are all working toward the same goal.”