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Red Cross Helps Give New Start to Kentucky Family

A Kentucky mother and daughter received a new start from the American Red Cross after a fire destroyed their home.

Sherry lived in subsidized housing with her 16-year-old daughter. Financially, between the two of them, they barely made ends meet. Sherry had trouble talking to people, and was not always clear in her speech. She was trying her best to improve her lot in life, but she struggled with daily tasks that other people do with ease.

Sherry says that the stove in her apartment was always defective, so she wasn’t surprised when it caught fire. Because of her special needs, it was hard to find a friend or neighbor that would take she and her daughter in. The Fire Department called the American Red Cross for help. The Red Cross Bluegrass Chapter put the family in a motel for three nights.

While Sherry and her daughter were in the motel, they spoke to a Red Cross caseworker about meeting their other needs. They were given a Client Assistance Card to help replace critical items that were damaged in the fire, like clothing and food. The Red Cross caseworker also counseled Sherry about finding a new place to live. Sherry found a new apartment to rent, and with the Red Cross rental assistance, she was able to move in immediately.

After Sherry and her daughter were settled in their new apartment with clean clothes and food provided by Red Cross Disaster Services, she conveyed their appreciation to the Red Cross caseworker. Without the Red Cross, she said, she and her daughter would have been back out on the streets with no one to care about their needs.

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