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Red Cross Helps Moore Schools Share Messages of Hope to Illinois

Keep your head up! Hope is still in the air! Stay Strong!

Students in Moore Public Schools grabbed crayons for a different kind of lesson. This time they were on a mission of hope, writing encouraging notes to students in Washington, Illinois. That town was devastated by a tornado on November 17th and many of the student’s homes were damaged.

Students from Briarwood and Plaza Towers Elementary as well as Central and Highland East Junior High and Southmoore High School participated in writing nearly 1,000 cards.

•Aidan, a 4th grader in Moore Public Schools wrote, “Have hope that your damage will get better. Just remember that a house is not your home, but family and friends are home, and I want to be your friend. So let the sun shine again.”

•One 4th grader from Plaza Towers Elementary wrote in her note, “Keep your head up! Hope is still in the air! Stay Strong!”

•Candice, from Briarwood Elementary wrote, “I know exactly how it feels like to be in a very strong tornado. The May 20th hit our school. But Moore is giving HOPE to you and I’m sure you will do fine!”

“It’s very therapeutic for them to feel like they could go and help somebody and they could definitely relate,” stated Briarwood Elementary school principal Dr. Shelley McMillin. “We’ve received a lot of cards from people and it’s meant a lot to them and so to get to sit down and tell about ‘I know what you’re going through’ and ‘It’s going to get better’ and the pictures were just adorable.”

The cards were delivered to the Red Cross in Illinois (Peoria) Chapter for delivery before school releases for the holiday break.