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Red Cross hold emergency shelter operations training

Eastern MA 10/29/12 Red Cross holds emergency Shelter Management Training 720

In preparation for Hurricane Sandy’s imminent arrival, the Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts today hosted emergency Shelter Operations Training for local community members.

As of Monday morning, local city and state officials have issued evacuation orders for hundreds of households in the Boston-area, necessitating emergency shelter for affected families. The Red Cross has already responded by opening seven emergency shelters state-wide, with two more currently being staffed. More shelters will likely be needed as the storm’s severity increases.

Today’s Shelter Operations Training course, held at the Red Cross’ central office in Cambridge, prepared nearly a dozen Red Cross employees and volunteers to develop and manage shelter operations in their local communities.

“The Red Cross’ mission is to keep people safe, providing shelter, food, and health services to families in need,” said Kat Powers, the Director of Communications for the Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts. “This Shelter Operations training gives our staff and volunteers the tools they need to provide these basic services to their community both during and after this devastating disaster.”

For more information about Shelter Operations Training, please contact us at 617-274-5325. If you require emergency shelter, please call 1-800-REDCROSS.