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Red Cross is there during Skagit Bridge Collapse

Red Cross Mt. Baker Chapter volunteers at Skagit Bridge collapse

Volunteers feed and hydrate first responders during incident.

We are very thankful that his major incident resulted in only minor injuries. -- Stacy Rice, Executive Director for the Mt. Baker Chapter.

A team of volunteers from the Mt. Baker Chapter of the American Red Cross fed and hydrated First Responders during their response to the Skagit bridge collapse last night and early this morning.

The collapse caused major traffic disturbances but fortunately resulted in only minor human injuries. Red Cross volunteers staffed the Emergency Operations Center, assisted with radio communication in the command center, attended operational briefings, and fed and hydrated the First Responders on scene.

“We are very thankful that this major incident resulted in only minor injuries,” stated Stacy Rice, Executive Director for the Mt. Baker Chapter. “We are also very grateful to the generous Skagit community for helping us to support our amazing First Responders.”

The Costco in Burlington donated $800 worth of food and beverages to help with the feeding efforts initiated by the Red Cross and the McDonalds in Burlington donated coffee for the on-scene efforts this morning. PSE also donated $1,000 to cover expenses related to the response and in support of the Skagit community at large.