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Red Cross shelter open in Ethete

Little girl holding Red Cross blanket in a Red Cross shelter

Red Cross of Wyoming is opening a shelter in Ethete tonight, because of the flooding on the Wind River Indian Reservation. Anyone affected by the flooding can go to Wyoming Indian High School at 636 Blue Sky Highway in Ethete.


Heavy rains have caused extensive flooding across the Wind River Indian Reservation in Fremont County WY. This has also affected the town of Lander, which lies off the reservation.


An evacuation center is being opened at Wyoming Indian High School in Ethete, WY. Flood waters are expected to continue to rise for the next 24 hours.


For additional information contact:


Pat Kondas | Community Volunteer Leader

American Red Cross of Wyoming

PO Box 103, Wheatland, WY 82201

Ph: (509) 280-2201