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Red Cross volunteer comforts runner after Boston Explosions

Red Cross volunteer offers support to a runner during a difficult time during the Boston explosions
'I’m talking with her about everything I’m feeling,' said Adam. 'She’s been so helpful.'

On the afternoon of April 21, Red Cross volunteer Pauline Pagliocca, comforted Adam Manewell at the corner of Boylston and Berkeley Streets in Boston.

Adam, who ran in the marathon, was still pretty shaken up. He had finished running the race and was waiting for a friend at the finish line when the bombs went off.

Thankfully, neither Adam nor his friend had been injured. Six days later, Adam returned to the scene, hoping to work through some of the emotions he was feeling. As they stood at the site of the bombings, waiting for the start of an interfaith vigil, Pauline helped Adam cope.

“I’m talking with her about everything I’m feeling,” said Adam. “She’s been so helpful”.