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Second graders donate to Red Cross and send letters to Oklahoma

I’m sorry that a massive tornado slams your town. On the bright side American Red Cross is helping. - Emily

Isla Vista Elementary School 2nd Grade Class in Goleta, CA, donated $150 to Red Cross and wrote letters to surviving 2nd graders of the Plaza Towers Elementary School where 7 children died in a massive tornado that obliterated the school May 20, 2013.

Tanya Mishler, their teacher, brought the money and letters to the Red Cross office, 2707 State Street today, the last day before summer break. She reported that her students were so moved as they saw the devastation on TV. They talked about compassion and wanted to help. The second graders hosted a coin drive and wrote letters to their 2nd grad peers in OK. to show their support and make a difference.

Here are excerpts from a few letters:

“Dear Second Graders in Oklahoma,”

I’m sorry that a massive tornado slams your town. On the bright side American Red Cross is helping. A tornado must be scary. I’ve never seen a tornado in person. I’m thinking about you. Love, Emily

I’m sorry that the tornado hit you. I’m sorry that you lost your shoes . . . I hope you feel better. Your friend, Emilo

We’re thinking about you. We want you to get better. I feel sad because I know you are nice. I hope your pets are okay. Best wishes, Bella

Always stay healthy and believe in yourself. We are thinking about your schools, homes, people, and other things. Sincerely, Ananyo

View one of the many thoughtful letters

Red Cross workers in Oklahoma are currently providing shelter, food, distributing relief items and offering health services and emotional support. Since the tornadoes hit Oklahoma, the Red Cross has:

1. Deployed more than 1,100 workers from all over the country to help.

2. Served more than 306,000 meals and snacks.

3. Distributed more than 70,000 relief items.

4. Provided more than 14,500 health services and mental health contacts.

About the American Red Cross Santa Barbara County: The American Red Cross of Santa Barbara County is a non-profit, humanitarian organization that depends on the generous contributions of time and money from Santa Barbara County residents and companies to provide services and programs that help our community prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. For more information on disaster preparedness, health and safety classes, volunteer opportunities, and financial contributions, visit our website at or call us at 805-687-1331.