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"Small" Business Helps Oklahoma Red Cross

They voted and all agreed they wanted to help the Red Cross

Kids do some pretty amazing things when you let them take on a project and run. Just ask those living in a north Edmond neighborhood where a group of six kids took on a task of raising money for tornado victims in early August.

The group, ranging in age of three to seven, started off selling water and Gatorade at a little stand for about 5 cents a cup. They realized this wasn’t going to make enough money. So, they raised the price to 25 cents and started pulling a cooler given by Glenda Elrod who is the grandmother of two of the kids.

“They started selling from the yard but they were not getting enough customers,” Elrod said. “So they started making signs and then going door to door. They also raised the price to a dollar.”

These junior entrepreneurs were able to raise $125 thanks to a matching donation from one of the neighbors. Now with the money, the kids voted on where they wanted to donate the money.

“They all agreed they wanted to give the donation to the American Red Cross,” Elrod said.

Red Cross of Central and Western Oklahoma regional CEO Janienne Bella met with the kids and accepted the donation.

“I am so proud of the work they did to help those recovering following the tornadoes,” Bella said. “I think we have some Red Cross volunteers in the future.”

This donation will be used by the Red Cross to help with the long-term recovery efforts currently underway across all communities affected by the May storms and tornadoes. The Red Cross is providing assistance for things like deposits on new housing, minor home repair, and medical and mental health services. Some long-term recovery projects already underway include repairing the water well in Steelman Estates and providing teachers and support staff with Moore and Mid-Del school districts funds to replace personal classroom items.